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Permissions Post


CONTACT METHOD: Find me on plurk at [ profile] reineke or PM me here.

THREAD-JACKING: I love that stuff, do it.

FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Sure, he's not the most well known anyway. Contact me for anything major.

BACKTAGGING: Always. Forever.

AVOIDED TOPICS: Nothing comes to mind.


CURRENT CANON POINT: End of Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow.

ABILITIES: None. Other than snark and being attractive.


Hugging this character: You can try. He's not the hugging type.

Kissing this character: If he gives clear signals. He never gives clear signals. So. If you're really brave.

Flirting with this character: He flirts in his own way a lot, so yes, sure, come at him.

Fighting with this character: Oh, definitely. He's asking for it.

Injuring this character: Yes! Anything more severe, just hit me up so we can plot it out properly, very open towards that.

Killing this character: I'd like to plot that stuff out.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He has no defences against that, so sure. Hit me up if you want to plot it out.