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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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text, 8/09

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[They don't know why they settle on him. Maybe because there's some distance. He doesn't know everything. Maybe he won't ask as many questions, or won't feel the need to, or...

They don't know. They don't know. They're moving down the hallway in a clumsy, streamlined blur, head bowed low with their face streaked with tears and their hair matted with their own blood and their hand still aching from when they'd driven their fist into the mirror.]

it;s frisk i ne ed some help
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[He answers promptly. They don't know whether to be relieved or paralyzed with terror at the fact. Already, they regret texting him at all. Burdening another person with their problems. Isn't that just like them.

Typing one handed while trying not to cry is ill-advised, they think. They do it anyway.]

hallway on th second floor

i need a place were theres no mirrors
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[The bright tinkling of shattering glass is a horrible, familiar sound. At least it means there's no one watching. Not their mirror, not Sans's, not Chara's, not anyone's. Good.


Their right hand looks to be gloved in scarlet, slivers of glass still stuck into their knuckles and the palm of their hand. They didn't have any time to fix it. It's already drying. They surge forward, accepting his offer and entering his room with a jerky nod.]

I - y-yeah. I just didn't, um...I didn't know where else to go.
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[It's not an especially elaborately-furnished room, but they don't care. Asriel's room was just as bare. The thought sends another pang stabbing into their chest, so they hastily dismiss it, elect to sit on the sofa. It looks old and shabby, like Sans and Papyrus's.

Sans. That's another dangerous thought they have to shuttle away. Gulp, hold their injured hand close to their chest and try to level their breathing. Nod again in response.]

I'll be okay. I -

[They've lived through worse. And died after suffering worse. Ha-ha. Yeah.]

Just do what you...need. To do. I'll be okay.
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[Frisk breathes in, tight and uneven, and holds out their hand. He's going to have to touch them, probably. They steel themselves. It's going to happen, and they chose to come here, and they can't back out, and they're not sure if they're in the best position to - so they don't.

They look at their hand. It looks awful.

They consider looking away. But they've seen worse things.

Their voice is shaky and small but they don't hesitate when they say it:]

Go ahead.
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[They do, left hand gripping their right arm at the forearm. He hasn't asked them what or why or how just yet. Maybe he doesn't need to. Maybe he figured it out based on the question of mirrors and the glass stuck in their hand, or maybe he just took an educated guess.

It doesn't matter. He's telling a story. Sounds like a distraction measure, but it's a good out for the pain they know they're going to have to weather so they take it.]

That sounds painful. [Voice shakes, so they make an effort to steady it.] Did it work?
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[They wince reflexively, because it sounds painful. Shattering. Like the bone, solidity yielding for the purpose of a higher goal.

Chara would've done it. They know they would have.]
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[Hurt They breathe in through their nose, their expression taut, but they don't make a sound. They slowly flex their fingers open and shut. The whole thing aches, but it doesn't feel like there's any slivers of anything stuck inside it anymore.

They shake their head slowly.]

It feels like they're all out.

[Never had to deal with injuries this...small before. Usually it's spears or bones or electricity or something. Something big and powerful enough to kill. Pain is secondary, and death is a temporary setback, and monster food is the immediate relief. Not used to doing things this way. The slow way.]
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it's totally cool!

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[They nod shortly, firmly, decisive. However painful it might get, they've handled worse, they think. Even if it's on a smaller scale now. Death hurts, and they remember every moment of it.

Every moment of slowly expiring in the Deep Roads from some kind of fantasy illness.

Frisk sets their jaw, locks their expression.]

Don't worry. I'll be fine.
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[They wince a few times, unused to the minute twinges - death is always so much bigger, so much more all-encompassing. Spears slam through them or bones pierce them or electricity disintegrates their body with a searing blaze of ozone and burning flesh. It's abrupt, complete, and vicious, and it hurts every time but they always get the peace of death and the Continue following it.

They wince as the needle pulls at the bits of apposed skin, closing the open wound, but they lock their jaw and nod.]

Okay. It's okay.
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[It's an offer they don't quite expect, and it earns him a slightly startled glance upwards in his direction followed by the faint furrowing of a brow. And then - a nod.]

Yeah. I know how.

[Had to do it many times. Many, many times. Old bandage clinging to dried blood on their wrist and arm when they fell Underground. What happens when you've got spare time and scissors, ha-ha.

Accept the bandage, start to wind it around their hand in careful, precise movements. They're not left handed, but they know how to bandage their right hand. Done it enough times.

Don't quite look up to meet his eyes, focus on wrapping their hand tight, but not too tight, not tight enough to cut off the circulation and make it numb.]

...thank you.
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[Almost flinch at the loud noise, the crash of things breaking other things. But it's okay. Didn't do anything wrong (is that a joke?!) so it's fine. Just making sure no one looks in on them.

Flinch at the question, trying to frown, look appropriately scandalized. But they can't.]

I don't know what you mean.

[It's too obvious a lie, too stammered out, too hesitant. Of course the pain helps. It's the only thing that helps.]
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["Get hurt." Not...hurt myself? Frisk swallows hard and finds it difficult to stay focused on the task. Breathing through their nose. Trying to balance themselves.]

"Get" hurt?


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