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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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[Text: Feb 6th]

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Wanted you to know, Rip stopped by when the whole place flooded. He brought me food. We talked and one thing lead to another...

He's not such a bad guy. He even said he was looking after me as one of his own. YOU taught him that.

Just wanted to check in.
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You taught him to look out for his own, apparently. That's pretty major.

I think I'll be avoiding the beach and pool for a while, but I'm okay. I'm starting to understand why Mick isn't a fan of water. You?
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You make an impression on everyone you meet, Len.

When is he not? I'm glad you're both okay.

[There's a brief pause between her previous reply and her next one, almost as if hesitant to even ask.]

Heard anything from Cisco?

[She's not worried. That would be absurd. Cisco has a speedster watching his back. He's fine. Therefore, she doesn't care. Nope. Why would she?]
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You don't have to go out of your way, it was just idle curiosity.

[Then those next two texts come through and she pauses again. Lenny knows her too well to believe a lie, even over text...]


He's cute. Smart. Sweet.

He saved my life. He didn't have to help me when you were in trouble. When the Flash questioned my motives, he stood up for me.

He helped calm me down after our talk.

He's special, Lenny.
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Was that approval? No remarks? No warnings?

[Lisa knew Len didn't think anyone was good enough for his baby sister, so the lack of objection was telling enough.]

Me too.

Stay safe.