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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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after flooding and stuff

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are you okay?
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I'm okayish
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Yep. All of my shit is wet. My gun is ruined.
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I did. It's drying now, it's pretty water logged. I hope it's gonna fix up.

Also my nudies are wet
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I'll grab us a nerd if we need it.

They're ruined. I'll ask for more.
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When? Who did it?
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"A vampire? Vampires are real? Huh." Okay, didn't see that one coming. Mick shrugged his shoulders and eyed up Leonard, not rushing forward but seeming considerably at ill ease over everything in front of him. He didn't fuss, he wasn't like that and Leonard was a big boy but for some reason, he felt an odd ripple of emotions. Given everything, was that a shock?

His room was pretty wrecked, everything was still damp and wet and Mick sat on the floor, trying to dry off his coat. "You okay?"
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"Sounds like something from a game. Or a bad movie. Like the kind we used to watch at midnight when Lis was small." Then time when they'd hang out together all night, keeping an eye on her and plotting their next heist. There was always some crappy B-movie to keep them away and entertained, Mick more so than Leonard. He watched Leonard pry the fabric off his wound and didn't make a move still, he just watched, making sure it wasn't anything life threatening. "That looks like a real bitch."
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"I'd give you something for it but everything I own is wet. Even my fabric." How was he supposed to bandage him when everything he owned was this wet. Even all his clothes were soaked, it was going to take ages to dry them. Mick leaned forward a little, taking a peak at the damage. "You ain't gonna become one how you got bit, right? I mean that's more zombies and werewolves, vampires are more complicated."
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"It ruined all my stuff. I like my stuff." Mick growled as he looked at every item he owned, now damp and useless. It'd be days before anything was good again. He looked at Leonard and then back at his shoulder, wondering how they'd bandage that without anything dry. Did the closet work yet or what? "How much does it hurt? Do you need painkillers or would you settle for a strong whiskey?" Cause one he could offer, at least.
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Mick slowly got to his feet and grabbed the whiskey, it had somehow managed to survive the chaos and it was still sealed, ready to drink. He came back out and offered it out to Leonard, standing on his feet as he squinted at the damage. "You gotta sot that out or it's gonna get infected. I ain't got nothing dry though." He crouched down and reached out, very gently touching the skin around the wound. "It's pretty deep."
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"Shit. That's real nasty." Mick huffed a sigh and made his decision. He pulled his shirt over his head and started to rip off strips of it. He couldn't trust the closet right now and hell, he quite literally had shirts everywhere so it wasn't like this was his last one. They'd done this kind of thing on the job before, a fresh wound from a dodgy escape or some unexpected barbed wired. Mick used the strips and slowly started to bandage up Leonard with the only dry material he had. "The shirts clean, just put it on, I can always get another." Of course he just spend ages drying it but never mind that.
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"I hope so. I need to get some new clothes, booze and whatever else." Mick slowly bandaged around the wound, careful not to upset anything as he was gentle with what he was doing, carefully working the bandages into a nice position and tying them off. Years of practise and avoiding the doctor finally paid off. He looked at Leonard as he was working, raising an eyebrow slowly. He was sure how to respond to that. Like so many things with Leonard lately, he had a lot of doubt.

"You did? What things?"

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