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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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texts; backdated 2/2/17

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[after this.]

[Once Lisa's calmer maybe than when she'd first arrived at his room but definitely still with a lot left to deal with on her own, Cisco is left to his own devices. She's asleep on the couch and he sits at his desk, thinking over the news he'd just learned. He hadn't really said much to her about his own feelings over it. Wasn't the right time. Didn't matter. This was her brother. Her actual brother. Nothing mattered beyond that, beyond helping her in whatever immediate way he could at the time.

But now he's effectively alone in his room again and he didn't have anything to help him ignore his own feelings about it. He'd been here for months and Leonard never mentioned it. least, not directly. He had said things, but Cisco hadn't tipped off on any of it. It all just seemed so casual, so nonchalant, so meaningless. Hadn't felt at all like he was admitting anything to him.

He picks up the figure that's been sitting on his desk for a few months. He'd intended to give it back to Leonard after he'd found it in his pocket that day, coming back from Neverland. But he'd never gotten around to it. He wonders how many things Lisa had never gotten to tell him. Would never, now. He idly plays with the carving as he picks up his phone.]

» You never told me.

[Doesn't add any context. Doesn't mention talking to Lisa. Just that. Because he doesn't really think he'll have to add to it.]
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[Literally any other time, that would have gotten a laugh, or at least a smirk, but Cisco isn't in a joking mood.]

» Cute.
» Bullshit.

[He waits a bit before he sends another one. Mostly because he's debating what to say.]

» Lisa told me.
» I don't think she planned to, but...she just sort of... [Broke down? Fell apart? Crumbled? None of the word options felt okay to say, so he left it at that.]
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» I don't plan on it. Not really a thing I'm into doing to my friends.

[He's had his own trust broken too many times to be the dick doing that to someone else. And oh, yes, he hears the unspoken threat. It's very Protective Big Brother of you, Leonard.

There's a pause, shorter this time because he types the message and hits send before he allows the time to debate it or talk himself out of it.]

» I died once.

[Elegant, Cisco, truly. Not that he expects some poignant heart-to-heart bonding, here, but you know...'hey, you aren't alone in this fucked up, post-death living boat' or something.]

» The timeline doesn't exist any more, but I still remember it. Which is completely fucked because you're not supposed to have the chance to remember something like that. I mean, people don't get those kind of second chance cards...
» Happens a lot here, doesn't it?

[Because of course it does. Wonderland picks people all across different timelines in different universes. And had the most screwed up sense of humor ever. So of course there were probably plenty of people here who'd lived to tell the tale of their deaths. It's so weird to consider, because it should be impossible and somehow, he thinks here, it's probably commonplace.]
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» Apparently.

[Excuse you, sir, he is not a kid :| ]

» It is a second chance for the people who lose you
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» It is while they're here, though.
» It counts for something.
[The most sunny of optimists, obvz.]
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» Well if it didn't happen naturally, I'm sure Wonderland would find a way to make that happen.
» It seems pretty hell bent on throwing all of our worst moments in our faces.
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» Yeah, occasionally.
» Why?
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» Okay....
» Off HOW, exactly?
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» Mick? Cold?
» Yeah, okay, I think I'd have piped up to you if I noticed that anyway because that doesn't general fit my perception of him.
» You talk to his mirror or something? I hear you should avoid that kinda thing.
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[He’s just gonna squint curiously at his phone. Leonard is literally the worst at explaining details.]

» All right.
» If I notice anything wonky, I’ll let you know.