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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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JW what's your horoscope?

[ despite recent events, barry likes to believe leonard snart's trying to turn over a new leaf. he sort of is? in a weird way, barry can see it. besides, fighting snart takes up more energy than getting along with him does, and so he opts for the more comfortable route. ]

[ which is irritating him. ]
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[ can you hear the disappointment, snart? he hopes the one word is dripping with it. ]

Nothing. It just makes sense now.
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I just wanted us to be compatible, but the stars and planets are against us. Seems like we've got a lot of work cut out for us, Snart. :(

[ does barry want something? yes, yes he does. will barry saves us all some time and just come out with it? ]

[ probably not. ]
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[ the next text hits snart's phone as quickly as any reply from barry, but it does form slower on his end. he wants to think this through, but, at the same time, thinking things through leads to procrastination and talking himself out of it. ]

I want to know if I have to watch my back.

[ snart has his gun; it's the one thing that can take down the flash other than wonderland and it's incredibly unpredictable magic. barry can't say he hasn't enjoyed the camaraderie between himself and snart. he's a decent guy, even if his hobby includes being a criminal. wonderland had made him too complacent, and he wonders if that had been a mistake. ]
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Who are you trying to protect?

[ snart doesn't need a cold gun to protect anyone. he has his brains and his tenacity, and barry's always kind of admired that about him. nothing really stops him from getting a job done, which has become the bane of his existence at times. ]

[ he asks to pry, but mostly because having an ally doesn't hurt. ]
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[ he thinks of heatwave, and how the two had tried to use both extremes of temperature to take him down. but barry has to trust snart. if he wanted to hurt him, he would've a long time ago. either in wonderland as it is, or in an event where he has the advantage and means to. ]

[ it isn't lost on him even when they'd been in genosha they'd been allies. ]

Do one of your targets happen to be a mirror?

[ let's just run right into that topic, hey? ]
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For real?

[ it's a little difficult to believe snart may not have a target, but he has to be a man with a plan just in case someone does. ]

[ let's just send another quick text. god forbid snart makes one of his dad jokes. ]

Are you expecting to have a target?
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You could always steal her croquet mallet.

[ barry will never stop. ]

[ going to the mirror world has been something that has lingered in barry's mind for a while now. he's wanted to see what it's like, note the differences, perhaps even meet his own mirror. but he's been so focused on getting out he hasn't tried to go further in. ]

Maybe I can phase through the mirrors.
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I can vibrate fast enough that I can phase through the molecules of objects.

[ if he was saying this face-to-face, that'd end with a question mark. ]

Trickster once put a bomb on my arm, kind of like the Speed situation. I had to get it off. I phased through a wall, and the bracelet fell off.

Maybe I can get over to the other side.
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I can't phase anyone else through solid material.

[ it's a thought he can stow away for another time to explore, but barry doesn't know if it's possible. the potential of his abilities has reached far greater than he ever imagined. all he thought of himself was he was a particularly fast runner. ]

That doesn't mean the magic of the mirror wouldn't be weak as I'm forcing myself through. If it's really like the Looking Glass, it should be a door.
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Bumps on the heads are cool! Very in these days.

[ as much as barry loves to pun, his heart's not in that one. he doesn't need to distract snart from peeling back any layers when he's already done just that. ]

You can come to my room. Unless you prefer the mirror in yours.
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[ why … you know what? he won't ask via text. ]

Now now?

[ seriously, barry. ]

[ snart'll receive these texts one on top of the other: ]



I need to get some snacks.

Do you ... snack?

[ why barry even bothers when he'll be back within a second is beyond anyone. ]
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[ that'd be useful to know, wouldn't it? barry will openly admit he's taken snart simply knowing where he lives for granted, showing up in the house, drinking from a mug that was meant to be his. ]

F4 R11

ETA? Do I have time to get snacks?


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