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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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/backdates this to the beginning of November because I need it anyway >.>

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Sex on the beach.

[ Because apparently their thing is now sending vague texts to instigate something idk. ]
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What, not into sand in uncomfortable places? Wimp.

Yes, the bar. You're not busy?
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It IS Novemeber, you realize. Our beach is fairly chilly at the moment. Although poor you, I suppose that would cause complications in itself. ;)

Point. I'll see you there.
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[ The sweetest, obviously.

She saunters into the bar a few minutes later, dressed casually and comfortably, and slides up onto the stool next to his with a crooked smile. ]

Such a gentleman. Thank you for the drink. Were you already here?
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Peanut butter?

[ She's teasing, a hint of mischief in her eyes as she lifts her glass to his, but there's something else in her expression too, a little harder to place.

Still, she seems to take his inquiry serious, thinking it over for a moment. ]

To not looking backwards.
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Haven't decided yet. [ She takes a drink as well, albeit a little more moderately than he did. She sets the glass atop the bar, one fingertip tracing around the rim of it. ]

A friend of mine has been sent back home.