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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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You knocked me out, like, consistently for days.

I'm torn between being pissed cause you're a dick and touched because you just didn't want hell to kill me.

[This is not the real reason he text you, Leonard. But good luck figuring out the real reason.]
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And you wouldn't have a nerd to boss around if I died, right?
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Seems like the type you'd not want to be in short supply of, really.

So, about Maya. And her obsession with me making her a cold gun. She's really bad at taking no for an answer.
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[Oh my GOD, Leonard. Why does he talk to you, again?] No, she didn't scare me.

But she DOES seem to listen to you.
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I'm NOT making her one. Jesus, do you really think I WOULD?

Debating a safer, entirely non-lethal alternative. Just haven't figured out what it should be.
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Right. Because your time being wasted, that's the worst part of that ENTIRE situation, lemme tell you.

Literally torn between eyerolling at you so hard right now and actually wanting to appreciate that reference. Stop that.

What if instead of ice... snow. Think she'd go for it? Insta-snowman with the pull of a trigger. It's LIKE a cold gun...but not as deadly. Compromise.
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[You can't see him, but he's glaring at the screen, Leonard.]

Worth a shot.

Aw, come on, I'm hurt. You think I'd make it that heavy? Give me some credit. I do know what I'm doing with the gadget-making, okay?
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None so far, but I got this.
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How many in your battalion so far?
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Well, at least there's that.

Not sure how I'd feel if I had my nose broken by a 14yr old.

But I'm not even a little surprised that's one of the things you've taught her, though.
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I'm not judging, here.
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I know how to throw a punch.
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[Kind of. he's not sure he can even bring it up.

...Nah. He'll save it for a better time.]

Nah, I'll see you around, Leonard.