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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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12/11 - something left outside his door

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[He hasn't talked to them since everything happened. But that's okay. He needs some time, they think. Maybe they both do?

No one's really talking to them. Everyone keeps their distance because it's safest and that way no one has to hurt. So maybe they do hurt, more than a little bit. But they've missed it. They've missed all of it, even the bad parts.

Frisk got a gift just recently. It's not much; it's just a slice of pie, butterscotch-cinnamon. It might not even be obvious who it's from. There's no note. It's simply there, waiting for him.

But pie is keyed the concept of home, and with the concept of home comes the associations of comfort. Of forgiveness.

It's all right.

You did what you had to.

So be good. Won't you?]
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and then a text right after so this actually goes somewhere lol

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It's good. I know who made it.

Take it before someone sees it!