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The wind whipping off the river was just as bitterly cold as Mick remembered. Ten years ago on that very spot his partner and best friend had stepped into his arms and everything had changed. They'd gone back to their safehouse and didn't leave the warmth of their bed for the entire weekend. Moving together in bed, showing affection and want with their bodies because they could never find the right words.

It feels like lifetimes ago. Before the Flash, before the Waverider and Chronos and losing the one person who mattered the most to him.

Sure they were wrapping up another job in 1927 Chicago and Mick had been as reckless as ever. Charging into fights. Practically willing someone to take him down. Physical pain would at least be easier to bear. There are drugs to numb that.

Nothing has been able to numb the ache in his chest, the empty void that Snart had left behind.

He's not suicidal, at least not enough to put a round in his own head. Mick is angry and stubborn, too stubborn to check out just because he'd lost Len. His partner. His husband.

Mick tucks the ring back underneath his shirt. He should get back before Haircut and Nate blow up the damn ship.

Maybe another minute.

"Goodbye Snart." You asshole.
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"Shut up." The response is automatic now. He can't shake these hallucinations, the sudden and silent appearance of his dead partner and his unwanted input. Leonard Snart is dead. He can't be appearing to him randomly. It's just another manifestation of his grief, of everything that Mick has been wrestling with since the Oculus.

None of it matters. He's just marking time now, waking up every morning and finding a reason to roll out of bed. Sooner or later the job will kill him and Mick has made peace with that. He'll be dead like Len, but unlike his partner, nobody will miss him when he's gone.

"You aren't real."
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"You mean besides the fact that you're dead?" He's tired and bitter and angry and he's done holding back. "You're dead. You're fucking dead and I'm alone."

Which would explain why he's been drinking so much and why he doesn't have anyone to talk to - he'd lost everything the day his partner had died.

"Just go away Len. I'll be there soon enough."
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Mick snarls in reply to the crack. He's been struggling for the last goddamn year on his own. No one really noticing that he's finding it harder and harder to go on.

Until that idiot historian stepped in front of the bullet that promised him peace. Even then no one seemed to notice or care.

"You're not real." The denial is weaker this time. He can hear the whisper of clothing, and god help him he can smell him. That faint whiff of his favorite cologne laid over clean soap. "Why?"
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"The job," he answers. Right now it's the only thing keeping him moving forward. Finish the job Snart had left him to do because he had nothing else.

It takes a monumental amount of self-control on Mick's part not to back away, to put more distance between himself and the hallucination his brain has apparently cooked up. Every detail is there. The creak of leather, the way he stands, the smell of his skin and it's all threatening to break Mick. Reaching out is too much - either confirming that he's gone well and truly crazy or that through some miracle Len is alive and Mick isn't the sort of person to believe in something like hope.

"You aren't here. You ain't real Len. You're gone."
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This time anger surges forward, burning away the guilt and the sorrow and Mick reaches out to shove at the apparition, hard. "It's been a year, Snart! A year. You had no right. No right to take away my revenge and leave me like that." Leave him with a team that never really seemed to know what to do with him.

"You left me for a year."

In a moment or two it will register that when Mick reached out, he connected with something solid.
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"You didn't even ask! You just.." Wait. He'd shoved him hard and rather than connecting with nothing, Mick's hands had. He had hit something and in a moment his entire world goes skidding to a halt.

This wasn't a hallucination brought on by grief or despair.

Somehow, this was Len. His partner.

Mick kind of hates how small his voice sounds. "Lenny?"
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He died in a place outside of time, a place standing over the time stream itself. Who's to say that something unexpected wouldn't happen as a result? Temporal abberations. Visions of Snart that maybe hadn't been hallucinations after all. Could he have been trying to push through somehow? Get back to him?

Mick staggers backwards a step before lunging forward, catching his jacket in both fists. His partner is alive and right now he doesn't give a damn about the details or how it happened.

He's not alone anymore.

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Those long slender fingers curl around the nape of his neck and Mick closes his eyes. He never thought he'd have this again and for now he's simply going to breathe and concentrate on the small details. Len's touch, the way he shifts closer to him.

"I tried," he murmurs, fingers flexing in his coat, but never quite letting him go. "You got no idea how hard, Lenny." But in the end it was too much, too much for him to handle on his own. Isolated even on the Waverider. No one he could trust. No one who understood him or really even bothered to try.
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A silent nod into the crook of his neck. For a moment Mick doesn't trust his own voice as he clings, as Len's voice reassures him that it's still the two of them.

But he forces himself to breathe, tilting his head back enough to look at him, to watch his partner close and alive and safe. "Yeah Lenny. Yeah it's still you an' me." His lips find his partner's and for a moment he can breathe again. This isn't some dream or some hallucination. It's him.
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Mick could give a damn where they went or what they did. The team didn't need (want) him around. They could steal the jump ship before anyone on the Waverider realized it, travel anywhere at all, to any time at all. "It's been almost a year now." A year of marking time, a year of struggling to do what he thought his partner would have wanted. Finish the job.

"I'm done with the job." And this time, Mick hopes that Snart is too. He doesn't want to get back on the Waverider