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Mick Rory
His partner. His best friend. The man who's been looking out for him - and vice versa - since juvie.

Mick's a pyromaniac, as hard to control as the flames, but him and Leonard have always had an understanding that only every now and then failed them. One time during a heist gone awry, Mick got so enamoured by the flames that he lost focus and got severely burned, something Leonard feels responsible for. More recently, Leonard's identity crisis led him to make big mistakes that left Mick on the wayside, literally. Although him and Mick at least came close to reconciliation eventually, the Mick that turned up in Wonderland is a bit behind the times and understandably angry with Leonard.

He beat him up during their first interaction here and a few days later, Leonard told him at least a bit of the future when Mick demanded it, although he's still withholding his ultimate fate, simply because there is no need for Mick to know and he doesn't want sympathy he doesn't think he deserves.

In spite of how recent events and decisions affected them negatively, Mick is still Leonard's priority.
Ray Palmer
Barry Allen
His hero.

That's in the possessive sense, since he saw him first, not in the sense that he actually sees Barry as someone who ought to save him. Mostly he sees him as a kid, a good kid, with too much power taking on too much, believing too easily and stumbling over his own feet in metaphorical and literal ways.

Here in Wonderland, he's strangely enough attempted to give him advice several times. Barry has yet to take it.
Iris West
Back home he doesn't really know much about her, but he's read a lot of her articles, simply because he's diligent in his research, she's connected to the Flash and, hey, she's a good writer. As far as he knows, her connection to the Flash is that she's his sister, but it doesn't really matter any more now anyway. They're in Wonderland and he's very quickly come to value her as her own person.

Smart, idealistic, but also witty and definitely brave, they've fought on the same side during an AU event and somehow connected more and more going forward. She thinks he's impossible, but he appreciates that she doesn't just let him get away with that.
Caitlin Snow
Another person that was barely anything other than a connection to the Flash originally, now has become much more complicated due to an event. Since she has been like a sister to him in an alternate universe, he can never quite put those feelings aside and doesn't really attempt to anyway. He likes her.

Which makes it all the more complicated that now there's a side to her that he hasn't seen since that AU event and he can only hope there are still key differences. He's not yet sure what brought on that change in personality - powers aside - but he's trying to figure it out.
Cisco Ramon
Cisco is the one that built the cold gun, heat gun and gold gun, but he'll also always be the one his sister kissed when she was just supposed to pretend to be into him. Ah, well. Not too surprising and he doesn't actually mind, he knows his sister well.

Once Cisco arrived in Wonderland, Leonard quickly employed his help, well, forced his help to finish the cold gun he'd already had as ready as he could manage. In spite of the forcefulness, he also let it shine through that he primarily wants the weapon to protect important people and so Cisco was willing to cooperate. Their relationship shifted further during yet another AU event, that let Cisco see a side of Leonard that he usually guards carefully. Now that Cisco has seen so much humanity in him, things have definitely changed.
Eobard Thawne
Someone he doesn't know a lot about yet, but he has heard from Barry that he is the Reverse Flash and what that means and he also realised that Eobard knows things about him he hasn't told him.
Rip Hunter
His captain?

Obviously, in Wonderland Leonard doesn't consider him a leader of any kind, he barely did before then. He's always had Rip under sharp scrutiny while he supposedly was a person of authority for him and now that this has relaxed, he might actually manage to relate to him outside of it. ONly time can tell.

That they have a lot in common might stand in their way.
Harrison Wells
What a grumpy cat.
Maya Hart
His sister.

Not really, but she might as well be given how he relates to her. Somehow it just fell into place very shortly after they started to talk and since then they've connected even more. There's not just one point of connection, but several, from her art and interest in art to her desire to take care of herself, which he tries to support and always and forever how broken she thinks she is and how he tries to help with that.

It's no coincidence that in over half a year in Wonderland, she's the only one he has held.
Riley Matthews
Riley is Maya's friend and she matters. Leonard's protectiveness over both Maya and Riley is an important drive to him in Wonderland and continues to be so. He obviously likes Riley in her own right as well - it's impossible not to - and he enjoys talking to her. Always interesting, if nothing else.

He's also actually somewhat interested in these kids' tiny but complicated love life now. It's been interesting.
Who would have thought that he'd find to have this much in common with a child from a world he barely wants to comprehend?

It's not really that surprising. In some ways abuse victims stop at the age they were broken.

He wants to be there for them. Whatever that entails.
Jesse Wells
Hasn't met her yet.
Kate Fuller

She's young and almost too sweet. He doesn't know all there is to it yet, but he's seen her tense up around someone who's supposedly her friend and he's heard her talk about second chances a little too much to not be suspicious.

Idealistic. He wonders how often it's been difficult for her to hold on to those ideals.
Dustin Henderson
The little boy with the big stomach and heart that seems to keep running into monsters one way or another. Leonard's keeping an eye on him for that obvious reason.

He also just likes nerds.