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Mask or Menace CR Chart

» Mick Rory
rogue. priority.
Sometimes things spread out of control. And you have to deal with it. All you can do is your best.

» James Jesse
rogue. makes waffles.
I mean, the you I know is a lot more... well... congrats on the face, if you know what I mean.

» Pied Piper
rogue. high maintenance.
Say no to Capitalism.

» Axel Walker
rogue. nuisance.
I mean Snart could so use a spa day and all but no one can be his age and have skin that perfect.

» Shade
rogue? shady.
I'm a very bored individual, you see.

» Saint Walker
saint. unsettling.
I do not believe that Mick would remain with one who did not make him happy.

» Barry Allen
hero. cute.

» Caitlin Snow
team flash. snowflake.
So it's the small talk you're avoiding and not me.

» Laurel Lance
canary. sister.
I've been good. Keeping busy with work and the occasional night out.

» M
friend. chicken.
I hope you know "strong and lots of ice" is an oxymoron.

» Bela Talbot
contact. tricky.
It's so nice to make a deal with someone who understands my line of work and doesn't question it in the slightest.

» Rincewind
target. pansexual.
Y-y-you! You're - why are - Get out! - And you put that mug down! That's Will's!

» Harley Quinn
gotham. clown.
you can come over and pet it any time ;) ;) ;)

really tho u can. his name is wizkers khalifa and hes a big ol slut

» Jonathan Crane
gotham. pretentious.
All feuds have their beginnings.

» Will Graham
dog. punched.
Don't you ever get tired of the constant pressure pants put on you?

» Bianca Reyes
nurse. impressive.
Whoever decided that should be a power should be shot.

» Jaime Reyes
kid. idealistic.
Do you really not have any real job?

» Frederick Chilton
psychologist. questionable.
You think it is better to be well-Jung'd, instead?

» Tony Stark
gadgets. control issues.
Or, more likely, they think my personality is the problem.

» Loki Laufeyson
god. hungry.
I'd be happy to feed you once you're out, a dish was recommended to me that has way too much phallic imagery for me to eat it on my own.

» Dorian Gray
contact. narcissist.
Inner beauty's great. But you simply cannot ignore outer beauty.

For all the people to be added... TOO DAMN MANY.

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