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CHARACTER NAME: Leonard Snart / Captain Cold


SERIES: The Flash (CW) and Legends of Tomorrow (also CW)

CHRONOLOGY: The end of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow.

CLASS: This is complicated. Anti-hero. Anti-villain. He likes to think of himself as a villain and therefore often acts like one, but he ends up being a hero, especially for the people that mean the most to him. Ultimately an anti-villain, I’d say.

HOUSING: Heropa and Rogue Clubhouse, if we all get in. James Jesse, Mick Rory, Hartley Rathaway, all the rogues shacking up.

BACKGROUND: Leonard Snart in this form is a character in CW’s DC universe. So far he has appeared in Flash and been a main character throughout the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, but he is set to return in some form or other in at the very least these two shows in the next seasons.

Born on June 2nd 1972, Leonard didn’t have a fun childhood ahead of him. His father, Lewis, was a criminal and – according to Leonard – not a very good one. He went to prison after a failed robbery when Leonard was still just a child and when he returned years later, he had become an even worse father than he had already been before then. Leonard’s sister Lisa was born after his father returned. The age difference between them was significant, but in spite or because of that, he clearly felt very protective of her and responsible for her. No wonder, given their father’s abusive nature.

Meanwhile Leonard spent time in juvie, never finished high school and once he was of age, he apparently had more than a couple of stints in prison as well. In juvie he met Mick Rory, who saved him from getting killed by fellow inmates and who has had his back ever since. They have worked together on and off, but clearly they share a very close bond and many joined memories. When Leonard talked about his partner, it was Mick he’s referring to.

He was a criminal, known for his meticulous planning and research, plotting his schemes down to the second. In fact, he was so good at it all that he seemed bored by the lack of challenge. Enter the Flash, Central City’s first costumed hero, and someone who inspired Leonard to step up his game.

It could be said that Leonard became obsessed with the Flash, under the guise of wanting to defeat and kill him, but clearly mostly just interested in seeing if he could succeed. It was the Flash that made him look beyond his usual approach and when a so called ‘cold gun’ – built by Cisco Ramon – falls into his hands, he is interested specifically because cold is in many respects the opposite of speed. He also obtained a ‘heat gun’ at the same time, which he passed on to his old friend Mick Rory, rekindling their old partnership, something he had previously regarded as too risky after a heist had gone awry due to Mick’s pyromania.

Leonard had always had certain rules, such as not killing cops, as that meant ‘too much heat’. The Flash was the first one to not only call him out on having a code, but also who made him agree that since he didn’t need to kill – he was good enough not to – he shouldn’t. So Leonard’s code was adapted accordingly and he – as Captain Cold – clearly considered himself the Flash’s closest enemy.

Him and Mick teamed up with his sister, Lisa, and together they executed a plan that led to Cisco Ramon building the partners their guns again as well as another gun for Lisa. It was then that he also learned the Flash’s secret identity, Barry Allen. He was clearly becoming fond of the idea of gathering a variety of rogues around him, a team to oppose the Flash. Playing villain turned out to be a lot of fun. But at the same time, Barry Allen kept insisting that he had good in him.

When his father returned and forced him to work with him by directly threatening Lisa’s life, he proved how much humanity he hid behind all the cold walls he’d built around himself. Ultimately, when he got the chance, he killed his father for – as he put it – having broken his sister’s heart.

More encounters with the Flash had him telling Leonard again and again that he had good in him. Sometimes to be let down and sometimes to ultimately leave him without much room to argue. Maybe not a hero, but doing a lousy job of being a villain sometimes.

Perhaps it was that which made Rip Hunter choose him for his mission. Or just dumb luck. Either way, he ended up on an exciting mission of using time travel for many failed attempts to kill one guy and save the world from being a total mess.

[Read the next two paragraphs only if you don’t mind spoilers up until the last episode of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. You have been warned!]

In the course of this journey, he didn’t only befriend his team mates – especially Sara Lance – but also drifted apart from Mick Rory, who was also along for the ride. Drifted apart might be the wrong word choice, it would be more accurate to say that they ripped apart and then clashed back together again.

Ultimately Leonard ended up sacrificing himself for the sake of free will, his team and – especially – his partner. From Mick’s perspective he sought him out one last time, by travelling back to 2013 and meeting an unsuspecting Leonard from before the Flash’s creation, to tell him that he was always his hero.

Tears were shed. Let’s see how they’ll bring him back.


PERSONALITY: Leonard is intelligent and – as his moniker implies – calculating and cold. He tends to be calm and collected, his emotions are played close to his chest and any outburst is rare. He’s very sarcastic and won’t stop providing witty commentary, often through cutting remarks. His entire speech pattern is made for this, always a drawl to his voice, never much of an emotion other than mocking amusement. The voice is something he clearly purposefully puts on, the effect becomes stronger and stronger the more he embraces his role as Captain Cold and lessens whenever he is truly serious.

Just as his voice, his body language is another chapter onto itself. He usually keeps his hands to himself, often loosely folded, sometimes one arm around himself while his free hand is doing something distracting. He also not only tends to lean against whatever is closest in ways that barely look comfortable, but he also tends to stay away as far as possible from everyone else in the room.

Mick, who knows him very well, can be a relatively physical person, but he never once touches Leonard, other than to punch him. It’s a long story. Likewise, Leonard doesn’t tend to touch anyone, unless it is, again, to punch them.

The abuse him and his sister have suffered at the hands of his father is a central part of his character. He generally only brings it up very purposefully to get through to someone who has been through a similar experience or sometimes in a crass, gallows humour way, presumably his way of dealing, but in his demeanour the signs can be seen constantly. He always keeps fully covered, even when a mission leads him to a steam room, but judging by a scar his sister shows off at one point, it can be assumed that he is scarred as well.

All of this doesn't keep him from being quite capable of being charming as well as faking it, flirting very successfully in his own way. Shying away from too much physical contact also doesn't stop his pickpocketing. There’s a reason his partner refers to him as a klepto at one point. However, he does seem a lot more awkward and almost stunted whenever he attempts talking about his actual feelings. He says himself that he doesn't do ‘touchy-feely’ and at another point he says to Mick that they are no good at talking, so they should let their fists do it for them.

Leonard likes challenges, he likes to be very good at what he does. Stealing seems to be less about greed and more about pulling it off for him. What he does, he does well. He might not have finished high school, but his skill-set is impressive enough that even certified genius Ray Palmer takes note. But he isn't only good at it, he also clearly enjoys it. While money itself might not actually hold that much of an appeal to him, there is a lot of appeal to stealing just about everything, the more expensive and closer guarded, the better.

He’s an excellent shot and has very good reflexes, not just with a cold gun. No pun intended, but his ability to keep a cool head under almost any circumstances is something that comes in handy a lot. Only certain buttons shouldn't be pushed unless one wants him to actually begin losing his cool, namely any threat to his sister and, in various ways, Mick. The people that are important to him. He also has an attitude that seems to lead to being protective to the point of self-sacrifice about anyone he considers part of his team. Nobody is left behind.

Also, don't try to shoot the Flash in front of him. He will kill you.

Something else that is worth noting is that while he does flirt with people in his own way and is shown to be quite capable at it, at least when he’s faking for con reasons, he never makes any lewd remarks and generally he doesn’t comment on anyone’s appearance or use lines that might be expected. His way of flirting with the target in question actually included studying up on her interests, enabling him to start a conversation that interests her. An approach that shouldn’t be seen as that unique, but it really kind of is, even among good guys.

Overall, he’s a very complex character with a lot of depth to him. A lot more than he’d ever admit to.

POWER: He actually DOES NOT have his cold gun right now, due to canon point. He’ll just have to get himself one, somehow.

However, he does have the power of using painful puns. What is that? Once he figures out how to purposefully do it, he can use puns – however terrible – to actually inflict physical pain on people. The intensity is related to how sadistic he is feeling and how bad the pun is, as well as any mental defences the other party would have in place. The exact nature of the damage depends on what kind of pun it is. A pun on cold would send a chill down your spine, etc.

Not an especially useful power overall, it can’t be harnessed to be truly harmful, but if he gets it right, he might at least make someone scream. Scream and beg for mercy, to get him to stop with the painful puns.



[Leonard Snart isn't the type to just blunder onto the network and ask confused questions, so by the time of this recording, he's already been busy getting answers.

This is further reconnaissance more than anything else. Oh, and puns. Mustn't forget those.

The camera comes on and he can be seen leaning back against the arm rest of a chair, legs presumably draped over the opposite arm rest. Doesn't seem like it'd be comfortable, but he makes it work.]

So. The Cold War.


[It's possible that there's a chill running down the spine of anyone listening, but that might just be due to how terrible the pun is. Or perhaps his voice, putting just a little bit too much emphasis on everything.]

Where I'm from, we'd already dealt with that. Interesting times though. Got very heated.

Question to all you history buffs out there: What are the big events one should know about here? Recent or otherwise. Help a guy out.

Also, this is a war. Who are we rooting for?

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