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ICy Inbox for Entranceway

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[ barry's been going back and forth as to whether or not he should ask snart a very important question. after his conversation with rip, it's had him thinking (and eating, lots and lots of eating) about the future, timelines, snart ... ]

[ he's mostly been dragging his feet. he's come to the very confronting conclusion he trusts snart to have his back. he's pretty sure oliver would tell him he's an idiot. ]

Please tick a box.

Rip Hunter:
☐ Friend
☐ Foe
☐ I don't know her
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[ you can't just create your own options on a quiz that you didn't write! ]

[ where barry may decide to be a pest and say a barryism, he cuts straight through that bullshit and to the chase. perhaps that's when the flash steps in and pushes barry out of the way in this text exchange. ]

I want to know if he's someone I should put my trust in.

He says he knows you, he's from the future, and he knows me too. Do you know him or not? Y/N.
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If you said yes to him, you must trust him.

Why'd you say yes?
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[ he lets out an aggravated little sigh. what he wants from snart is possibly something he can't be given: an answer. snart most likely doesn't quite know himself. ]

But you trust him with your team. With Heatwave. So that means that you've got a good vibe from him.

He says he knows me from the future. I'm trying to figure out just how much I should trust in whatever he says. Last guy who said that to me tried to kill me when I was a kid. If he's tried anything with you, I want to know.

[ #teamsnart. is this the flash from the future, showing his confident face? only time will tell if that person he supposedly becomes is starting to take root inside of the bumbling mess of a twelve-year-old at heart. ]
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[ if he wants it to, it will. doesn't he know that already? barry wishes to believe the world is at his fingertips, but he's known since he was eleven it's spun out of his control. he's since learned from iris that he can't believe that it's ever been in his grasp. ]

[ he reads over snart's message a few dozen times before he even thinks to reply. he picks things out — he sees himself as an inconvenience to rip, considers barry to be the complete opposite — and lets himself digest it. he doesn't know who rip hunter is, but he knows leonard snart. he's not the type of crook to trust just anybody, even if he promised him the world and then some. ]

He's a Time Master. One of the beings that wants to keep the timelines preserved? Think he forgot to mention that to me.

What's his mission? Save his family? Save the world? Bring the Spice Girls back together?
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I don't know if I can respect anyone who doesn't want to use their powers to bring the Spice Girls back together.

[ but he thinks he's gotten all the answers he needs for now. so far, rip hasn't lied. despite the optimism and naivety barry carries with him, he knows that one reference checking out doesn't mean a lie won't pop up somewhere else down the track. it's good enough for him now, though. snart seems to trust him, so barry will trust him, too. ]

Which Spice are you? I'm thinking Baby.
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[ says mr maturity. ]